Resilience Living Connect Welcome!
We are sending a Big Smile to you!

Spreadin’ Smiles at this time of the year is so special.

We are going to choose a special group to send smiles to. We are developing little packages with a smilin’ stone, some smiles to hand out to others and a little poem.

Join us!

Best time of the year to start spreadin’ smiles. Are you up for this? If so let us know if you will join us. How many do you want? You ask how much this is? Just send a donation to Resilience Living Connect, Our new non-profit mission is to Create Miracles! Let’s support these miracles beginning with a special smile …

Together we can support millions of smiles. Send Donations to 316 W. 1st St. #2, Port Angeles Washington 98362. Send your request via our email with your information. Include how many little packages you would like, how are you going to distribute the smiles, and (of course) your address. Also, include anything else you would like to share.

Sending you a happy smile!!!!! Adele